Styliani Kladou

Assist. Prof.


Sheffield Hallam University

PGCert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education leading to Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in the UK.



Hellenic Open University, School of Social Sciences in Collaboration with the University of Rome La Sapieza and Istanbul Bilgi University

PhD in Tourism Marketing - Dissertation Topic "Investigating Culture's Contribution to City Brand Equity: A modeling approach with reference to Athens, Istanbul and Rome"

Degree: Excellent (10/10)


09/2003 -06/2005

Athens University of Economics and Business - Master in Management and Business Administration (MBA)

Degree: 7.50 /10 (Very Good) - Thesis: "Tourism & Marketing Strategy - The cases of golf, cruises and yachting" (Thesis degree 9/10)



Athens University of Economics and Business - Bachelor in Marketing and Communication 

Degree 7.11/10 (Very Good)

Phone Number: 
0 212 359 69 80
0 212 265 21 19
Research Interests: 

Destination Marketing - Place Branding 

Cultural Tourism-Cultural Marketing

Travel/Consumer Behavior

Selected Publications: 

SSCI/SCIE-indexed Journal Papers

Kavaratzis, M., Rigopoulou, E., Kladou, S., Salonika, E. (2016). The role of brand elements in destination branding. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 6 (4), 426-435.

Kladou, S., & Mavragani, E. (2015). Assessing Destination Image: An online marketign approach and the case of Tripadvisor. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management. 4 (3), 187-193.


Kladou, S., Giannopoulos, A. & Mavragani, E. (2015) Destination brand equity: An analysis of a decade of research (2001-2012). Tourism Analysis. 20 (2), 189-200.

Kladou, S., Giannopoulos, A. & Assiouras, G. (2014). Matching tourism type and destination image perceptions in a country context. Journal of Place Management and Development, 7 (2), 141-152.

Kladou, S. & Kehagias, J. (2014). Developing a structural brand equity model for cultural destinations. Journal of Place Management and Development, 7 (2), 112-125.

Kladou, S. & Kehagias, J. (2014). Assessing destination brand equity: an integrated approach. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 3 (1), 2-10.

Zouganeli S., Trihas N., Antonaki M., Kladou S. (2012). Aspects of Sustainability in the Destination Branding Process: A Bottom - up Approach, Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 21, 739-757. 10.1080/19368623.2012.624299


Book Chapters & Reports

Kladou, S. (2017). Tourism Marketing & Destination Marketing: Destination Brand Equity & Cultural Tourism. In Tsartas, P. & Lytras, P.N. (eds.), Tourism & Development, Papzisis (Published in Greek), 489-494.

Kladou, S. (2017). Destination Branding and Customer Behavioural Intentions, The Case of Istanbul as a Culutarl Destination. In Kumar Dixit, S. (ed.) The Routledge hanbook of consumer behaviour in hospitality and tourism, Routledge, 326-336.

Kladou, S. & Mavragani, E. (2016). A social media approach to evaluating heritage destination perceptions: the case of Istanbul. In Alvarez, M. Yuksel A. & Go, F. (eds.) Heritage Tourism Destinations; preservation, communication and development. CABI, 91-104. Expert Report: Access to Culture - Policy Analysis (2015). Analysis and project financed by the European Commission - Culture Programme. Final Deliverable of the Project realised by EDUCULT (Austria), IRMO (Crotia), KPY (Turkey), Interarts (Spain), NCK (Sweden), and Telemarksforsking (Norway). 


Papatheodorou, A. & Kladou, S. (2013). Shifting patterns in Cultural Management: A success story. In Cultural Changemakers Against the Grain: New players, management practices & policy challenges acroos Europe and its neighborhood (4th ed.), KPY Cultural Policy & Management Yearbook 2012-13, Istanbul. ISBN 978-605-399-328-5

Kladou, S. (2011). Cultural Festivals: An overview. In Ada, S. (eds.) Istanbul Cultural Festivals, Turkey: Turkish Ministry of Education & Culture, Istanbul Bilgi University Publications. 



Graduate level: Cultural Heritage Tourism

Undergraduate level: Principles of Marketing, Destination Development, IT in the Tourism Industry.