One Day in Ovacık Village

A Day in Ovacık, which is a project realized by our master degree students of the Sustainable Tourism Management program in coordination with two local associations, is now one of the projects that will be supported in 2018 by Future is in Tourism. Future is Tourism is a program organized by Anadolu Efes, in partnership with the UNDP and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

A Day in Ovacık (Şile, İstanbul):

The project will be carried out by the Ovacık Village Women’s Seed Society in partnership with Şile Municipality and Şile Tourism Culture and Promotion Association. The project will enable the local people to grow their traditional food, harvest and experience the art of cooking. Recipes will be prescribed with traditional food trainings. While all these are being experienced, local people and visitors will be informed within the principles of responsible tourist and responsible business. The aim is diversifying the livelihoods of local people by creating a sustainable tourism movement in the area.




Future is in Tourism

The Future is in Tourism program focuses on sustainable development taking the responsibility in the creation of local models by encouraging entrepreneurship and bringing together the public, private sector, universities and civil society for the purpose of contributing to tourism. Every year three projects are provided with support such as training, planning, technical support, communication and consulting as well as funding to be implemented as best practices in sustainable tourism.