Students of the Department of Tourism Administration are required to complete one summer internship in organizations operating in the tourism industry as a part of their education. 60 work days of internship are required for graduation. 

Although the students are free to choose their organizations of internship, the Department cooperates with various sectors of the tourism industry in order to provide students with internship opportunities. In addition, the Department is keen to ensure that students work in positions that are complementary to the strong academic background of the program, and which will lead students to become future managers in the industry.
Internships abroad can only be carried out subject to the Department’s approval. 
The internship period not only helps our students to learn and experience different parts of the tourism industry, but it also enables the industry to get to know our students and the Department. As a result, the graduates usually get a chance to find employment in the organizations where they have completed their internships.
Organizations that our students most commonly choose for internships are:
  • 5 star hotels (both local and international chains), resorts and boutique hotels
  • Travel agencies (Type A)
  • Distinguished restaurants
  • Event and conference management companies
  • Airlines